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We understand that by its very nature the copier/printer market place is fiercely competitive and to be successful you need to look for new profit opportunities that also manage cost effectively and increase efficiency. PrintMIB MPS delivers this solution.

Print volumes are increasing and your customers and prospects are looking for ways to reduce their costs in this largely unmanaged, unbudgeted area of business. Using PrintMIB MPS you can provide a solution that delivers savings to your customers and captures more page count clicks for your business and becomes a dominant differentiator between you and your competitors.

MPS is where the market is heading, and it can service your existing copier base just as well as being tied in with printer service. The two combined will ensure that you grow your service revenues quickly and cement in your existing base, reduce your costs and keep out your competitors.

PrintMIB MPS is an inclusive fleet management program (program as in process not just software) that uses software as a tool to actively monitor customer devices for meter clicks and service, which is then often billed (but not exclusively) via a CPC. More importantly it is a consultative non price centric sale to your customer that provides a solution by helping them to manage costs and control their printing environment.

PrintMIB has a unique scan engine that can capture meter counts and supplies from multi manufacturer devices ensuring that you can compete in this vast market place which is populated not only by the manufacturer whose equipment you promote, but the diverse world of competitive products. If you cannot capture information from competitor’s devices and include them in your MPS offering then you cannot fully participate in this unique service opportunity.

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