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The MPS Secure Scan Archive is a dedicated server with five primary functions:

  • Manages installations – All installations occur directly from the server. Program settings can be configured during the install or by using the server Preload option. This simplifies the process by allowing all settings to be pre configured prior to an install. All that is required to complete the install is a unique Installation ID that is inserted at the time of the install.

  • Processing client scan data – The primary function of the server is to receive scan data sent from PM MPS clients. When the data is collected, it is parsed for validity and inserted into a SQL table specific for each client. Every scan entry has its own specific scan date and becomes part of a historical database for that client.

  • Manages client changes – All settings available on a PM MPS client can be centrally managed from the web site. The Remote Management System avoids unnecessary on-site visits by technicians to make configuration changes. It also allows effortless software updates requiring no end user intervention.

  • Reporting – Comprehensive reports can be generated from historical scan data ranging from basic scan reports that display a snapshot of the devices to comparison reports that illustrate the meter and supply differences between two time periods.

  • Alerts – Incoming scan data is automatically filtered for alert messages. These messages can generate automatic notifications which can be emailed or viewed in the portal. Priority and severity levels can be set per alert type to prevent unwanted notifications.

MPS Server

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