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The PrintMIBUK MPS Client is a service which is installed at a client’s location on a Windows workstation or server.  On a dealer defined basis the MPS Client scans specified network IP addresses, collects print device data, and posts the results to the MPS Secure Scan Archive Server (SSA).  This eliminates the need to maintain a call center that manually collects and transcribes meter reads from hundreds or thousands of print devices each month. 

How PM MPS Works:
The MPS Client uses sophisticated scanning techniques combining Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) on port 161, PJL on port 9100 and advanced parsing of the integrated web pages built into copiers and printers to accurately and efficiently collect meter reads, supply data, service and consul alert data.

The MPS Client is installed directly from the MPS Server which ensures that the most current version is installed.  Client settings can be "pre-loaded" ahead of the installation.

After each scan, the Client posts the results to the Server using HTTP port 80.  Since this port is used to access web pages, it is commonly open to outbound traffic in most locations.  By using this communication method we have found that there is rarely a need to alter existing network security at a client location. 

Once the data has been posted to the Server it can be accessed directly through the dealer web portal. Information containing up to date meter, toner supply and alerts can be viewed via built in reports or even compiled into custom reports designed specifically to fit the needs of your billing or service management software.

All client settings are fully manageable via the Remote Management System (RMS) through the MPS Server secure web portal.  Once an hour, the Client will check in to the Server, confirm the current settings, and, if there are any changes waiting, pick up the new instructions and make the necessary changes.

Client/Network Security: 
The MPS Client utilizes two known and well documented communications protocols.  Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) which is built into nearly every device with networking capabilities and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) which is the primary protocol of the World Wide Web.  A small number of printers and copiers are also scanned using port 9100 which is used for Hewlett Packard’s Printer Job Language (PJL) protocol.

The Client retrieves no information from the host computer other than that computers network address which is used to determine the initial IP address range to be scanned and the data entered in the PM MPS database during installation. 


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